Matted mess made well

teddy before and after

Teddy – before and after

This is what Joe’s Fund and the Hillside SPCA is all about – helping to give a sad, neglected dog a second chance at a pain-free life. What a transformation!

This dog was brought to us on October 6th suffering with a huge tumor that was impeding his vision, matted fur, and an overall neglected condition. Two days later, he left the vet hospital groomed, tumor free, pain free, and enjoying life.

A million thanks to our supporters of Joe’s Fund who allow us to help animals like Teddy. His owner has been charged with animal cruelty for the neglect of the dog. How anyone can let a dog suffer like this is unfathomable. More than likely, his suffering would have continued had he not been found running as a stray and brought to us.

To become a member of Joe’s Fund circle of supporters and help make miracles happen for dogs and cats in need like Teddy, you can contribute a gift of any size safely and easily online. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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