A ray of sunshine

joe's fund

Kelsey and MooMoo

Sometimes, given the sadness, pain, and feeling of one step forward, two steps back when trying to help animals that people have abused, neglected or abandoned, you throw your hands up and feel the world is one filled with cruelty and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.>

Then, out of the blue, the clouds part and there is a true ray of sunshine and hope that breaks through and makes you believe in goodness and the human race again. This weekend, our ray of sunshine came in the presence of a sweet girl named Kelsey. Kelsey came to Hillside along with her brother and parents to give us a special gift — something for Joe’s Fund.

For the past year, Kelsey did chores, sold crafts that she made herself, plus saved all her birthday gift money. She raised $200 on her own and was thrilled to donate it to help the residents at Hillside. Kelsey spent time with many of our dogs & cats learning just how her donation helps so many animals in need.

Kelsey is pictured here with Moo Moo who had recently received life-saving emergency surgery through Joe’s Fund after being in labor for days, her body ravaged by sepsis from a puppy lodged in her birth canal which blocked the others from being born. MooMoo lost all her puppies, but gained a second chance at life thanks to generous donors like Kelsey who support Joe’s Fund which pays for ALL veterinary costs for animals in need here at the shelter.

Our sincerest thanks go out to Kelsey and her family and to such a sweet young girl with such a big heart! You have truly restored our faith when we very much needed it!

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