Dozens and dozens flow through our doors

cats in need

Neglected cats rescued from deplorable conditions.

ANOTHER huge feline rescue for Hillside on top of several 20 plus ones in the past couple weeks AND 34 plus dogs taken in during cruelty/hoarding investigations in just days. This is a huge amount of animals in need and has taxed our resources severely. . Failure to spay and neuter leads to disasters like this and people who think they can “handle it” get in way over their heads with hoarding situations.

In ill health, the burden for caring for these animals properly now falls on the shoulders of the Hillside. Thanks to Joe’s Fund, they will receive the health care needed, and the staff and volunteers will supply them with the hugs and TLC they so deserve. If you want to help, donations are always greatly appreciated. Volunteers to help groom and care for the cats and dogs are welcomed with open arms, and of course, adopters are the number one need. If you are interested in helping with funds, please visit our donation page and choose “Joe’s Fund” when giving.for their veterinary care. If interested in adopting, visit us 7 days a week.

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