Facebook Friends – Earn Food for the Hillside with One CLICK!

Earn food for Hillside

Earn food for Hillside with one click








Hop on over to Facebook, head to the Bernville Veterinary Clinic, Pet Spa & Resort page, “LIKE” the page and earn a scoop of food for Hillside. From December 15, 2014 through January 9th, 2015, Bernville Veterinary Clinic¬†will donate a scoop of much needed food to Hillside SPCA for every new page “LIKE” for Bernville Veterinary Clinic’s Facebook page. YOU can help us earn more!¬† “SHARE” this information with family and friends on Facebook and remember, you must “LIKE” the Bernville Veterinary Clinic’s Facebook page, simply “liking” Hillside’s page will not earn the donation.


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