Providing relief for Ellen

Helping Ellen find relief

Helping Ellen find relief


This is the reality faced constantly at the Hillside SPCA. This dog will get help through Joe’s Fund. Joe’s Fund relies on YOU to give a gift of any size to help us continue to help animals in need. Please share as you see fit to those who might want to help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. to help Joe’s Fund.

This dog was turned in today as a stray. The agony she is suffering is something that’s almost indescribable. She has open sores over her entire body. Her nails are almost grown in to the pads of her feet. Despite her HORRENDOUS condition, she is gentle and allowed us to lift her into a vehicle to swiftly be taken to the vet. Out Assistant Canine Manager named her Ellen. Will post diagnosis/prognosis as soon as we have one. Please send prayers her way as she will need them. Again, this is why Joe’s Fund and the Hillside SPCA need your constant support.

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