Benji’s Journey Starts With You and Hillside

Your support is desperately needed! Meet Benji, an approximately five month old little Shih tzu boy. He appeared at the shelter a few days ago with his very distraught owner. Normally a puppy of this age would be wiggly and happy but what she held in her arms and showed us through tears, was a very floppy lifeless little dog. She had purchased him off craigslist a week earlier and during that time she saw either a pacing, circling, sometimes appearing blind little dog, or momentary flashes of a normal puppy. It was suggested to her (by another source) that perhaps the pup had a brain tumor and should be put to sleep. She did not want him to die and could not help him any more. Heartbroken she came to Hillside hoping somehow to get help for him and possibly save his life. Now under our care, and true to Hillside’s compassion, he was whisked off to the vet immediately!

It was determined through testing, that he does indeed have a liver shunt. In order to have a good quality of life, especially since he is so young, he must have surgery to repair it. Of course this surgery must be performed by a specialist. The cost of the exam, needed images and subsequent surgery can be almost $6200. With so many coming in with special needs and striving to maintaining the spaying and neutering of all here in need, Joe’s Fund (which pays for the medical needs of the Hillside animals) is once again being stretched to its limit!

Benji is the sweetest little boy and with some initial medicine we have seen a little bit of the puppy he still is, but with surgery he can be much better. A gift of any size to help little Benji live a fairly normal life would be so appreciated! He deserves a chance to live just like all the others! You can DONATE safely and quickly here online.  Thank you so very much..

Benji's Journey

Benji’s Journey

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