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Kimba - RIP

Kimba – RIP






With the assistance of a local police department with whom Hillside has a wonderful working relationship, our Janine & Maureen rescued two dogs Monday, Feb 29th that wereliving outside and severely deprived of proper care, love, and attention.

Kimba was a sixteen year old mixed breed and Pepper is a thirteen year old English Springer Spaniel.

Kimba had what appeared to be a very large pressure sore on her back left hind quarter that bled constantly. She had trouble getting comfortable making it difficult for her to lie down for any period of time. In addition to this very odorous “mass,” she had difficulty breathing and we suspected she had a nasal tumor as blood occasionally dripped from her nostrils.

Pepper is deaf and blind and it appears he has untreated dry eye because his eyes have a hardened crusty film on them. Pepper’s coat is filthy and your hands become black like you have been handling coal buckets after petting him.

These dogs did not deserve this life, and it frustrates all of us here at Hillside that they have suffered so.

Now rescued from these deplorable conditions, the immediate goal was for them to have a warm place to sleep, nutritious and plentiful food in their bellies, and to receive the proper veterinary care they so desperately needed (courtesy of Joe’s Fund which, thanks to your unwaivering generosity, pays for all the medical needs of the animals here at Hillside).

Sadly, due to our years of experience dealing with these kinds of cases, we believed that not much could be done to help ease Kinba’s suffering given her age and physical problems, and a vet visit confirmed our fears…Kimba was peacefully euthanized per the Veterinarian’s recommendation this morning (Tuesday) held by gentle, caring hands as she crossed the Bridge. Believing in our hearts this would be the outcome for her when we rescued her, we did all we could last night for her; pain medication, a warm bed on a radiant heat source, plenty of good food, and plenty of petting and attention from people who didn’t even know her earlier, but now loved this poor, sad, oh-so-tired soul.

Pepper went earlier today to a foster home with a Fantastic breed rescue! He will loved and pampered the rest of his days.

We ask you for your help in reporting animals in  neglectful situations like this.  Please contact us before it goes on to the point in which it is too late. Pet owners have a responsibility to provide proper medical care for their animals. Neglecting them because “they didn’t have a vet,” or “were trying to save up” to euthanize them are not valid reasons to treat and  neglect animals like this.

We wish all stories could have “happy endings”, but sometimes, the best that we can provide are peaceful endings; suffering that has gone on and has no hope for recovery requires kind hearts and steady strength just as much as rescues that end in smiles and cheers.  Kimba was loved deeply in her last hours and helped to peacefully pass into a world in which there would be no more suffering rather than die a slow, agonizing death on her own, out in the cold…alone. Pepper will spend his remaining time in this world loved and cared for thanks to breed rescue and the amazing folks who  open their homes to these dogs in need.  It may not be a complete “happy ending” in the traditional sense, but it is an ending that confirms our belief that every animal is worth helping in any way we can.

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