Joe’s Fund: Honoring a decade of miracles

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Ten years ago, on August 27th, 2006, Hillside Manager Barbara Umlauf experienced the devastating event every mother lives in fear of — of the loss of a child; her beloved son, Joe Parnell.   In the midst of her heart-wrenching grief, Barb created “Joe’s Fund” as a tribute to him, his love for animals, and his close connection to the Hillside SPCA. Originally created as a fund to cover costs of spaying and neutering, Joe’s Fund grew and blossomed through tremendous support and donations from people around the county, the state, the country — even the world — into a vital source for covering the costs of ALL veterinary needs of animals at the shelter. In the past, lack of funds often meant the inability to help an animal in need.  With the wonderful support for Joe’s Fund, instead of saying, “No, we can’t help…”, we can now say, “Yes, we CAN help!”

That original goal of increasing the percentage of animals in residence who could be spayed or neutered thus preventing unwanted pets, disease, and an ever increasing burden on the shelter has far surpassed what was only a dream 10 years ago — 100% of animals at Hillside are now spayed and neutered, not only saving lives but making them more “adoptable”.

Joe’s Fund has always counted on YOU for your self-less support. You allow us to do what we do for the innocent animals in desperate need of help.YOU allow us to relieve their pain and suffering, provide them with quality veterinary care — and literally SAVE LIVES!

We need you and your support to keep doing into the next decade what Joe’s Fund has done in the past decade. There will ALWAYS be an animal in need of help — and love.   If you believe in the miracles this wonderful fund brings about, the philosophy of helping animals in need that the Hillside SPCA embraces, and can make a gift as your budget allows, please DONATE to Joe’s Fund today. Be a part of making miracles happen!

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