Very special kitty needs very special angel

Very special Olive

Very special Olive

There is a wonderful little cat that came to Hillside SPCA as a flea-infested stray. Her name is Olive, and she is currently in a foster home.

Olive has two very oddly deformed backs legs, and a tail with a twist in it, most likely a genetic birth defect. We’ve never seen anything like this, nor has the vet who checked her. One leg curls around at her knee joint, and the other has no knee; it is perfectly straight.

In her own unique way, Olive gets around almost as well as any other cat. Because she can do this, and her joints are beyond any repair, her veterinarian sees every reason to let her be, just as she is. Olive has no idea whatsoever that she is different than other cats!

Olive is a perfectly content, happy little girl, but she needs her own very special home. It is our hope that she will be a friend to somebody who can truly understand her; perhaps someone with a challenge similar to hers.

If you are interested in giving a forever home to our unique little girl, Olive, contact Becky or call her at Hillside SPCA (570) 622-7769 to arrange a personal interview. Note: Do not use Hillside’s online adoption screening form.

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