Sending Wishes

Dana the dogDenise the cat

Hello again from me, Dana the dog  and from me, Denise the  cat. We wrote to you last year to share our thoughts and wishes as the oldest and longest-term residents of the Hillside SPCA, so it’s only fitting that we should be, once again, chosen to do so because we know so much about life here. 2017 will mark 32 years that you have been providing a home for so very many homeless buddies that come to us in need. You are simply amazing! You have made the Hillside a dream come true for the thousands that have entered our doors. Where would we have gone? We don’t
want to think about that…

This past year was a very difficult year: we lost three of our wonderful workers, Gary, Kay and Dakota. It is a tremendous loss – we loved them so! And now we just found out that our Lori Fogg who started
our website in 1997, at absolutely no cost to us, and who creates and edits all our newsletters, also at no cost to us, is in the hospital with kidney failure; but to tell you what kind of person she is, she called and said that no matter what, she would get the newsletter out to you. There really aren’t enough words to ever, ever thank her for all she has done for us and we are putting our paws together to pray for her.

Since the shelter has been here so long, lots of things need repair or have to be replaced due to age. We had to get a new roof on the dog building, experienced electrical and plumbing problems galore, and on and on… But you always support us and come through in so many ways and we thank you! It was also a record year for the number of animals coming in due to the way our society’s values are diminishing in regards to animals and their care. Our cruelty cases have tripled, with animals involved being in hor- rific condition needing special vet care. And wemean it literally when we say none of those animals coming in are spayed or neutered, which is why there are so many homeless. Our animal protection laws flat out stink and our cruelty officers (who are beyond wonderful) deal every-
day with repeat offenders. Such a tragic situation!

But enough doom and gloom – time to focus on the good we have. First of all, we want to thank our shelter mommies and daddies that take such good care of us even while they have grieved so much this year. It’s been really tough on them. We adore them for the constant love and attention they give us. Next, we would like to thank all the volunteers that come on a regular basis and do wonderful things for us. They spend quality time with us, brush us, give us treats and things we need, and make us feel so, so special. Lastly, we want to thank you, our wonderful supporters who have have kept our doors open for so many years and for all the lives you have saved. You have given us a safe and loving home where we are all spayed or neutered, receive all the vet care we need and have warm blankets and good food.
Because of YOU, the Hillside is like a miracle to us. Because this truly unique shelter operates solely on donations, we would be gone without you. The thought is horrifying.

On Christmas Eve, we do not dream of sugarplums, we dream of you. Please know that we will love and cherish you forever. And we hope that you will dream of us and know just how much you mean to so very many. May you have the merriest Christmas, the happiest of holidays, a season filled with peace and joy and the knowledge that you have literally saved countless lives.

All paws salute and love to you – forever and ever.
Dana, Denise, and everyone here at Hillside SPCA

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