Always Here, 365 Days a Year

On Christmas morning most people are opening presents and visiting family and friends. December 25th at Hillside is almost like any other day, except it’s sad and happy at the same time. Our dedicated staff will be busy cleaning, feeding and taking care of the needs of all us kittens, cats, puppies and dogs. They are so fantastic! They do this every single day of the year.

While going about their chores on Christmas day, our caretakers’ thoughts and conversations invariablyarise about us, all brought here through no fault of our own. Brought by owners who didn’t have enough time for us, or were moving and couldn’t take us, or claimed we were making too much mess. Brought here because we were found wandering streets or highways as strays. Brought here because our momma cats or momma dogs were never spayed. We watch as our special friends’ tears well and shed — and are then wiped away. Tears of sadness because so many of us were not adopted; tears of thankfulness because we are all warm, safe and loved; loved by everyone here at Hillside. Special treats, special toys, special blankets and special hugs and kisses are showered on us this special day.

Dear wonderful supporters, thanks to you, our loving caregivers are here for us on Christmas, just like every other day! We love them and you!

Fergus the Dog, Miss Kitty the Cat, and all of the residents at the Hillside SPCA


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