Onward and Upward for Chase

Warning Contains GRAPHIC PHOTOS that may be upsetting to some viewers!

The condition of this poor dog makes our stomachs churn. We have named him Chase. He was obviously attacked by one or more dogs prior to coming to the shelter as a stray. He was IMMEDIATELY rushed to the emergency vet hospital. There he was sedated, his wound areas clipped and cleaned, and he was put on heavy antibiotics. Ideally, he would have had a drainage tube too, but the wounds were several says old when he was brought to us so that was no longer an option.

In all the agony this sweet dog must be going through, he behaved perfectly during his vet visit, and was all wiggles (true to his breed). Chase exhibits a loving nature with people and only wants to snuggle up and give tons of kisses. He has also been neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped and his next step is to find the special person or family he so richly deserves.

Joe and Caroline’s Spay/Neuter and Emergency Fund will be used to help Chase. The Fund has been hit particularly hard with some very expensive and serious needs for animals rescued from abusive and dangerous situations. If you would like to help The Fund, Chase, or any of the animals who so desperately need some love and kindness in their lives, a gift of any size helps so very much and we thank you dearly. You can donate online and simply choose Joe and Caroline’s Fund. If your gift is for Chase, you can note that during the donation process.

Whoever owned Chase and allowed this to happen is a cruel, disgusting monster. It leaves us frustrated and angry but determined to make sure Chase has the safe and happy life he deserves going forward from this moment. Onward and upward, Chase…we love you!



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