Sweet Charlotte

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Charlotte came to us in this condition March 31sr. Her ribs, back bone, and hip bones are clearly prominent. The reason given for her return: “escaping her crate and having ‘accidents’.” Our immediate thought was she was probably looking for food. She is starving and as soon as a can of food was given to her, she began to eat, ravenously.

Her owner claimed Charlotte was only eating like that because it was canned food and she never feeds that. When asked when Charlotte last ate, the answer was “yesterday”. (Feeding an underweight dog only once a day is inappropriate). When asked how many times a day Charlotte ate, her owner got defensive and angry.

Poor Charlotte – confused and in poor condition. When arriving at the shelter today (Sunday), workers found her kennel filled with vomit and diarrhea. Found in the vomit were chocolate candy bar wrappers…obviously not something she got hold of and ate here at Hillside.

Charlotte is desperately ill and was rushed to an an emergency vet where she was diagnosed with chocolate toxicity and pancreatitis. Please say a prayer for poor Charlotte and send best wishes her way. Charlotte could use some guardian angels. Joe and Caroline’s Fund for emergency care will be helping Charlotte get the care she needs. If you would like to help Charlotte by giving a gift to The Fund, any donation of any size is appreciated from the bottom of our hearts. (You can DONATE easily and securely online. Choose Joe and Caroline’s Fund and you can note during the process if you want your gift to go to Charlotte in particular.)

We believe Charlotte deserves better than what her home turned into and a life of starvation she was subjected to, and we, along with your help, prayers, and support, are going to see she gets the best we can give. We love you sweet girl!!

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