Shot and Left to Die

falkor2This is a difficult and frustrating post to write. Meet Falkor. He was brought to us April 3oth by a member of the Tamaqua (Pa.) Rescue. He hasn’t been able to keep water down. He is uninterested in food. He is truly one of the most gentle Akitas we have ever met.

He was found as a stray way back in coal land by people who were riding their four-wheelers. He was covered in mud and was completely filthy. We assumed perhaps he had a bad case of Lyme disease or maybe something more serious going on (kidney issues), because of his constant regurgitation of water and lack of interest of food.

It was apparent Falkor would need a vet. He drools from the left side of his mouth, we constantly were wiping drool from his face. We also noticed a head tilt and some discharge in his ears. Overall his condition was heartbreaking and disgusting but his sweet nature melted your heart.

This afternoon (Monday, May 1st), he was taken to a veterinarian for examination and diagnoses and, much to our shock, it was determined poor Falkor was SHOT IN THE HEAD! This news left us angry and sick to our stomaches.  How could anyone do that to this sweet, gentle dog and leave him to die and suffer alone in a remote area?

The wound has already begun to scab over so his injury is a few days old. It appears for now that he does not want to eat or drink because of being so nauseated from being shot. His blood-work is mainly OK despite some elevated liver and kidney levels but that could be from the dehydration and the trauma Falkor endured.

He is currently hospitalized, on IV fluids, antibiotics, and will be closely monitored. He has cranial nerve damage and his left eye doesn’t seem to be reactive. We are HOPEFUL that Falkor will turn around and will recover. When we say this is a sweet dog, this is a SWEET dog. How could someone be so cruel??

Joe and Caroline’s Fund will help Falkor get the proper veterinary care he needs.  We need you to keep the Fund going.  A gift of any size helps us help animals in need, like Falkor.  You can DONATE HERE easily and securely.

Please send positive thoughts and prayers Falkor’s way.  Thank you so very much.

UPDATE: April 2 – Sadly, despite our best efforts and the support of so many people, Falkor took a turn for the worst. Our staff and the veterinary team decided it was in his best interest to show him the mercy he deserved and let him cross to a peaceful place. Each time he would drink, moments later he would regurgitate the fluid back up, and he was neurologically deficient, more so than we originally thought. We are working to find the person or people responsible for shooting him. Thank you to all who shared his story and that contributed for his care, we appreciate it so very much. Rest in Peace, sweet boy.Sometimes, no matter how much you try, the happy ending isn’t possible…

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