Give Teddy a Second Chance

Teddy Gets a Second Chance

Teddy Gets a Second Chance

We received a call from a person stating her friend’s dog was hit by a car. She said she couldn’t afford to take him to a vet. Hillside offered help, took ownership of him, and waited for  his arrival.

Shortly thereafter, the folks arrived with an adorable 9-10 month old mixed breed puppy. He is absolutely beautiful. Immediately, we recognized how much pain he was in; it was obvious his leg was broken, and we wer hopeful that was the extent of his injuries.

He was in such distress, it was necessary to muzzle him to move him and we needed to do it quickly since getting him to the vet ASAP was a priority.

Moments after arriving at the local veterinary hospital, “Teddy” was quickly removed from a crate, evaluated, sedated and x-rayed. Unfortunately, we got the news we feared — his femur was broken — basically snapped right in half. Teddy would need an orthopaedic surgeon to repair his leg, and it would now be our job to get him care, since he was now a resident of Hillside.

You may wonder, why not euthanize him because of these extensive injuries? Why not put to different use “for more important things” the funds needed to fix this one dog? These questions and decisions are thoroughly examined in every case like this one.

Making a decision to SAVE a life, or end one, is not taken lightly by any of us at Hillside.  We look at each animal that comes to us and carefully evaluate his or her potential for a good life in a carefully chosen, loving home.

Thankfully, because of YOU, our wonderful supporters, we are able to help more animals in need than ever because of your kind and generous gifts to Joe and Caroline’s Fund. This vital fund covers spaying, neutering, and emergency veterinary care for residents of the Hillside SPCA.  There was a time in which, even with a high potential for healing and a good life, we would have had to say, “No, we can’s help…” to dogs like Teddy.  Today, we were able to say, “Yes, we CAN help!”

We knew from the moment we met Teddy and saw his sweet face but pain-filled eyes that he had the potential for a second chance and we were going to give it to him!  But this IS the real world and in the real world emergency care costs money – often, lots of money.

Teddy will have his surgery and the shelter will have a bill of $3,000. But because of YOU, we can say, “YES!” to helping Teddy. We just met him, we did not contribute to his injuries, and we guarantee we will not allow him to lose a limb — or die — when we can help!  When others walk away, we step in. We hope you will, too.  A gift of any size will help us continue to fund the Joe and Caroline Spay/Neuter & Emergency Fund and help us keep on saving lives like Teddy’s.

You can DONATE to The Fund or specifically to Teddy’s care quickly and easily.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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