Three different neglect/cruelty cases just brought to our shelter another five dogs and 42 cats and kittens! To say we are OVERWHELMED is an understatement. Sadly, from a case concerning our intake of 24 kittens, there are approximately 100 more cats to come….yes, 100 more cats!

Other shelters and rescues have been contacted but are unable to assist. This situation is frustrating for us and puts us in crisis mode with over-crowding.We always try to make it a policy of not turning away animals in need because experience has shown us the consequences of that is disastrous to the animals — they are abandoned, left to starve or become victims of attacks by other animals or being struck by a vehicle.  They are tossed away like garbage and suffer tremendously before finally dying.

Unfortunately, we were already overcrowded and this latest influx puts us over the edge.  We need space  now – WE NEED ADOPTERS NOW!!

Several of the dogs from this latest case are spayed and ready for adoption, others are not. They have been flea treated and have varying degrees of skin conditions that need to be tended to. Joe and Caroline’s Fund will cover the cost for their treatment, but the Fund, and our operating budget, are now hard pressed and need your support to keep up with the tremendous need we are seeing.



Now is the time to visit us to find a new forever friend to add to your home and family.  We are open 7 days a week for visitation and adoption.  Hours and door to door driving directions are here on our website as well as adoption fees, and our adoption contract. We encourage Out-of-Area adoptions with proper references and vetting.  Even if you do not live in Schuylkill County, YOU CAN HELP!


Monetary donations to Joe and Caroline’s Fund or to our General Fund can help us by providing vital veterinary care through Joe and Caroline’s Fund for any animal in need at the Hillside or through our General Fund by helping us with the costs of day to day needs like cleaning and maintenance supplies, food, grooming needs and much more. We are always in need of canned and dry KITTEN food and CANNED DOG FOOD. Also, we can use Frontline, Revolution, or Advantage for flea treatment. Donations of these items can be brought to the shelter during our normal business hours. (Please do not leave item donations at our gate after hours.)

Visit our Amazon Wish Lists!

Our DOG Wish List on Amazon
Our CAT Wish List on Amazon

Thank you for your support!  Without you, there would be  no Hillside SPCA for THEM…


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