My personal thanks to you.

thank you for your donation

Dear Friends and supporters of Hillside SPCA,

I apologize profusely if you do not get my personal thank you card for a PayPal donation you made.

Unfortunately, PayPal is no longer including all donors’ addresses in the notifications it sends us as they used to do in the past.  We always knew just who to thank for their generosity, and i always wanted you to hear from me personally to express my deep appreciation of all you do for us.

Now, I cannot always thank you personally due to PayPal’s failure to supply us with complete donor information. If you want your address included when donating, please make note of it in the comments/additional information section when you make your donation. If you don’t wish to include your address, we respect your privacy. I just always want you to know how much your gifts mean to me!


Barbara, Caroline, Joe and Buddies

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