Sad and matted


This is Mojo. We picked up this sweet older fellow from a local police department. They had taken him in the night before as a stray. He was wandering down the side of a street. If the images of this little man astound you, the smell coming from him was even more horrific. He was immediately transported to the vet. He has several major issues. He is emaciated, his eye needs to be removed from an obvious trauma, MANY teeth need to be extracted since they are literally rotting out of his mouth, and he needs immediate grooming to remove his urine stained fur from his body. His body is SO matted he has skin infections.

Distraught is a good way to describe how we feel when it seems like time and time again we see dogs and cats badly neglected like this. The veterinarian that examined “Mojo” said this is DEFINITELY a case of neglect and whoever owned this dog will be prosecuted if they are identified.

We are heartbroken at the suffering he has already endured but we know his suffering will soon be relieved. He will be pain free once his diseased eye is removed and we know he is already feeling a million times better since he was groomed and all that nastiness came off. He is the nicest, sweetest, most affectionate dog.

All of this will come at a cost and Joe and Caroline’s Fund will help care for Mojo.  This vital fund pays for all veterinary needs for animals at Hillside and has been hit hard recently with the multiple LARGE-SCALE rescues and associated costs that have included dozens of dogs and over 100 cats in just the past couple weeks!

Any donation, of any size, will help us continue the work of Hillside and Joe and Caroline’s Fund for animals in need like Mojo.  Without your support, we would have to stand by, hands tied, and watch Mojo, and so many in need like him, suffer in silence. You allow us to say, “Yes, we CAN help!”

Click HERE to donate safely and easily on-line.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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