There IS a dog under all this.


Bella upon arrival at Hillside


MissDoolittles Pet Grooming, Pottsville, PA works miracles!

MissDoolittles Pet Grooming, Pottsville, PA works miracles!

Bella was dropped off at the Hillside and her condition horrified us.

She could barely walk, her legs were matted in places to her side. Her nails corkscrewed around. Immediately, a team from Hillside, some of who were here doing chores or were outside their regular working hours, sprang into action. Number one goal was to get Bella as comfortable as possible, at least for the immediate time as it was late at night. A local groomer came to help ease Bella’s agony by removing the mats that were tormenting her.

What we found was her body completely infested with fleas. She has now been treated with oral medication. We had to stop fussing over her for the night because her frail body just couldn’t take any more poking, examining, and treating and she was shaking from prolonged standing and moving around.

Bella is one of the nicest Cocker Spaniels we have ever come across. She is super patient despite the gross neglect and cruelty she has endured.

Bella, we promise there are only good days ahead for you. You have an army of people who will look out for you now and Joe and Caroline’s Fund will enable you to get the proper treatment you deserve.

Our minds are boggled at the thought that anyone could watch an animal in distress looking like Bella did, and how anyone could let her situation get like this in the first place. This is cruelty in every sense of the word.

If you would like to help us continue helping animals in need like Bella, a gift to Joe and Caroline’s Fund would mean so very much.  The Hillside SPCA operates almost completely on private donations and Joe and Caroline’s Fund has been created to help pay for all veterinary costs for animals in need at Hillside.  This vital fund has been stressed severely in the past month due to massive rescue and neglect cases needing much care and attention.  You can donate easily and securely on-line by CLICKING HERE.

Bella, and all of us at Hillside, thank you from the bottom of our heart.  YOU make the difference in the life of innocent animals like Bella.


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