Leap of Faith Pays Off

Rascal is a 10 year old pittie mix and one of the most gentle, loving dogs we have ever met at Hillside.Sadly, he is also one of the most neglected we have ever encountered.

In addition to a massive skin infection that was left untreated from a flea allergy, Rascal has major health issues. He has a huge bladder stone causing him to urinate blood. He also has a testicular tumor which is there because of the failure to neuter him. Sadly, signs indicate that he might also have bladder cancer.

We were faced with two choices: euthanasia or surgery. After long, hard thought, we are opting for surgery and hoping for the best. Surgery will take care of the testicular tumor (neuter), and the bladder stone will be removed so we are hopeful Rascal will be more comfortable. It will also determine if he does have cancer.

As our supporters have told us to do, and we have committed to for so many in need, we will make Rascal comfortable for the time he has left. Rascal deserves this chance and none of us were ready to say goodbye to this special boy. He has so much spunk left in him and has a lots of love waiting for him. He did not have a nice life so we are determined to give him as much as we possibly can.

We will help him get treatment so that, hopefully, he will be pain free soon, and we will do whatever else we can to make him comfortable and happy. Donations to help Rascal through Joe and Caroline’s Fund will help us help him through this difficult, and scary, time. You can DONATE online safety and easily. This fund pays all vet bills of animals in need at our shelter. Say a prayer, send a good vibe, or whatever you can for Rascal. He definitely needs your support, but there is something telling us that he has much yet to give…

September 23 UPDATE!!  Great News!!! Read on!



Bladder stone (aka bladder BOULDER!)

Bladder stone (aka bladder BOULDER!)

Terrific news to share! Rascal made it through surgery well and has awesome news to share!!! The suspected “bladder cancer” is nothing more than a bunch of inflamed tissue!!! We are so glad we took a HUGE leap of faith and went forward with his surgery not truly knowing what the outcome would be.  Now, both his MASSIVE bladder stone and testicular tumor are gone, and he can go on to live out a normal life

The vet said this was the largest bladder stone he has ever removed…the size of an emu egg, weighing 4/10 of a pound! His bladder wall was very thickened which complicated his discomfort. We cannot begin to imagine the excruciating pain Rascal was in, but that is something that he can put behind him now that his surgery is over.

Thank you to all who have sent well wishes Rascal’s way, we appreciate it so much. To make a donation towards his surgery, and to help all animals in need at the Hillside with life-saving veterinary treatment, you can DONATE right here online. THIS is why we are here, and THIS is how your support help those in need! Thank you!!

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