Adoption Contract

Our goal is to find the best homes for the animals in our care. This entails interviewing potential adopters as well as observing adopters and the pets they are interested interacting at our facility. All adopters must sign our Adoption Contract

Adoption Fees

Our Adoption Fees help us cover a small amount of the funds we spend on an animal from the time that pet comes through our doors until the day it leaves our care. Food, health care, vaccines, worming, and grooming are just some of the expenses we encounter in caring for every animal that is in residence. In addition to those individual animal expenses, we have operating costs and overhead that must be covered in order for us to stay in business and keep our doors open to the thousands of animals that need the Hillside SPCA in the 783 square mile coverage area we serve (all of Schuylkill County in Pennsylvania).

Animals Available for Adoption

Animals Available for Adoption can be seen here through our feed from our Adopt-a-Pet listings. Because of the sheer volume of animals at the Hillside SPCA awaiting homes, we list as many as we can, but always have many more at the shelter that are not yet on our site. We encourage potential adopters to visit us in person 7 days a week to see ALL the animals currently available.

Out of Area Adoptions

We do out-of-area adoptions to those adopters meeting our criteria. Out-of-area adopters (reside outside of Schuylkill County) MUST complete and submit a Pre-screen Form before being considered as an adopter. The form is reviewed and the potential adopter will be contacted by a Hillside representative. If you are from outside Schuylkill County, you will not be able to do a same day adoption if your pre-screen form has not been approved.

Returning a Pet Adopted From Hillside SPCA

You adopted a dog or cat that you believed fit you or your family perfectly. Sometimes, though, things just don’t work out no matter how hard everyone tries. If, for whatever reason, you aren’t able to keep your new pet that you adopted from the Hillside SPCA, please note that YOU MUST RETURN THAT ANIMAL TO THE HILLSIDE – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Surrendering a Pet to Hillside SPCA

There are circumstances when an animal must leave its life-long home: when an owner becomes physically unable to care for it or the owner is terminally ill; when a dog has shown true unprovoked aggression. There is a surrender fee. Please contact the shelter for the current amount at (570) 622-7769. The shelter incurs many costs in caring for surrendered animals, this fee covers a tiny portion of the tremendous costs we incur to be able to keep our doors open to continue to help the homeless, unwanted animals that need us. If you cannot keep your pet due to financial difficulties and cannot afford a surrender fee, please DO NOT just place a “Free Ad” for the animal or abandon it to fend for itself. We may be able to waive or reduce the surrender fee for a true financial hardship case

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