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Please READ our Adoption Contract for important information and guidelines concerning adoption of animals from the Hillside SPCA. 


Out of Area adopters are required to fill in our Prescreen Form prior to adoption.  If you have not been pre-screened, you may not be able to adopt an animal from our shelter.


You Are Here> Adoption Fees and Information

Note: Adoption fees are subject to change at any time with or without notice.  Contact the shelter for the latest information on fees.

$50.00 for already neutered or spayed cats.
Un-neutered or un-spayed, $40.00
Fees include Feline Leukemia and AIDS
veterinarian style testing, plus worming and shots.
(Rabies vaccine must be obtained by the owner after adoption.)

Schuylkill County and Non-county Residents:
The adoption fee for a dog is $140. This includes spayed/neutered dogs, puppies, and dogs that are not yet altered at the time of adoption (like a puppy or a dog just recently taken in). If you adopt any dog that is not yet spayed/neutered, you will get  $30.00 refunded after verified proof of mandatory neutering or spaying. (NOTE: Rabies vaccine must be obtained by the owner after adoption, the shelter does not provide a rabies shot.

Non-Schuylkill County Residents:
All Non-Schuylkill (Out of Area) potential adopters are required to complete and submit our Prescreen Form.

Regarding Adoption FEES:

Question:  Why do you charge a fee at all?  isn't it just better to find the animal a home?
Answer:  Fees help to cover many costs incurred upon intake which include, but are not limited to: distemper and bordatella vaccines, worming, spaying and neutering if not already altered, feline leukemia testing, food, shelter, and veterinary care.  Often animals that come to us are not in good health and require extensive veterinary care or they are here as a result of an extensive rescue effort. The cost of spaying and neutering has skyrocketed. The cost to care for each individual animal increases every day they are at our facility.  The current fees either barely cover or do not nearly cover the cost to the shelter to protect, feed, and care for each pet under our roof, especially if spaying/neutering or other medical care is involved or the animal is here for awhile before getting adopted. The Hillside SPCA is otherwise funded only by donations, we do not receive funds from any national humane organization or SPCA, either, in fact, are not affiliated with ANY other SPCA, or Humane Society. Adoption fees help us cover the extensive cost of running a shelter the size of Hillside (close to ONE MILLION DOLLARS annually)

IMPORTANT: We DO NOT REFUND FEES if you return an animal - no exceptions.


Of Interest...

If you are interested in any particular animal, please call us or visit the shelter as soon as possible.

Phone: (570) 622-7769

Driving Directions HERE


Monday thru Saturday, 
11:30 am - 4 pm
Sunday, 11:30 - 3 pm
Monday thru Saturday,
11:30 am to 3 pm
Sunday, 11:30 am - 2 pm



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