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The Hillside SPCA is not affiliated with any national organization nor do they receive any government funds, including proceeds from county dog license sales.  The Hillside SPCA exists solely on private donations and the proceeds of fund-raising events. DONATE TODAY!


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You will find our fundraising events and happenings for the Hillside SPCA on this calendar.  We are constantly updating, so visit often!  If you would like to volunteer to help at any of these events, simply call the shelter at 570-622-7769.  You can scroll through months of the calendar using the arrows, change your view from month, to week, to day, and back.  Click on "More" on any listing to expand the information and view details.  Remember to check back here on a regular basis to see what's happening to help the Hillside SPCA help animals in need!!

Current and Upcoming Fundraising Events.


Proceeds to Benefit Hillside - Dog Training Classes
Brierwood Boarding Kennels and Cattery, Minersville, Pa is offering dog training/puppy classes at the Schuylkill Mall, Frackville, PA starting january 2011.  Portions of the proceeds will benefit Hillside.  Family obedience, agility, problem solving, puppy classes, and more.  Located next to Bath & Body Works in the mall.  private and group classes available.  570-544-9663 or muttlover25@yahoo.com for information.  Tentative schedule; Mon/Wed evenings, Sat. afternoon

Sell on EBay and help us raise money!

Now, if you are an eBay seller, you can help the Hillside SPCA earn money by donating a portion of your sales to the shelter!

You can choose to donate when you list something through your own account. When you make an auction listing, one of the steps in setting up your listing asks you to choose whether you want to donate to a charity or not, if you opt to donate it then allows you to choose from ebay's listing of registered charities.  You can choose to donate a percentage of the auction's proceeds, from 10% to 100% to the charity chosen. You can also donate directly without buying or selling anything, right from Hillside's page on the Ebay site  Just visit

So, if you are looking to clear out your garage, attic, or basement of those unwanted (and possibly valuable!) items, why not put them on eBay where they can be seen by buyers around the country (and world), then give a portion to a very worthy cause... the animals in need at the Hillside SPCA!!

An organization called MissionFish is the administrator of the Ebay program, so Hillside is also listed as a registered nonprofit on the MissionFish site.  If you go to their homepage at https://www.missionfish.org/index.html and search for Hillside SPCA, our listing will come up.  It links to our Ebay page.  There's also a lot of information on the MissionFish site about the program and how it works, if you have any questions about it.

This is a great way to help a great cause.  So, are you ready to eBay?!?

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