“Free Ads” Can Kill – In trying to find a new home for your pet, you place a “Free Ad” in the newspaper and wait for the phone to ring. You may reason that it’s a great way for people to get a new pet at no cost and it’s definitely better than having the animal “put to sleep”. You’ve just done a good thing for your pet, right?… WRONG. The decision you’ve made for your pet could be deadly.

“Problem Pets” – Many pet’s lives end simply because behavior problems lead the owners to “put the animal to sleep”. This is a tragedy of huge proportions. The bottom line is that most behavior “problems” are simply something that is an inconvenience to us humans, and we must learn how to react to these behaviors in the correct way.

Coping With Pet Loss – The loss of a pet can be difficult, sometimes devastating. Everyone grieves differently, everyone heals at a different pace.

Crate Training – Before you think of giving up your  “problem”pet, PLEASE consider crate training. We strongly suggest this method whenever we are confronted with a pet owner who is thinking of giving up their pet due to behavior problems such as chewing, eliminating in the house, destructive behavior when the owner is away, or a puppy who isn’t house-trained.

Dogs and Kids – Dogs and children do not, by nature, always know how to interact properly – and safely – with one another. But they can learn!

Returning a Pet Adopted From Us – Sometimes adoptions just don’t work out. If, for whatever reason, you aren’t able to keep your pet you adopted from the Hillside SPCA, YOU MUST RETURN THAT ANIMAL TO THE HILLSIDE SPCA – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Spay/Neuter – Spaying or neutering is one of the TOP ways to be a responsible pet owner.  In addition to the obvious benefit of reducing unwanted litters, spaying and neutering can have wide-spread health benefits, too.  It helps prevent many reproductive organ cancers and dramatically cuts the risks of “roaming” animals being killed on the highway since the urge to “roam” has been reduced.

Surrendering a Pet to Us – There are circumstances when an animal must leave its life-long home: when an owner becomes physically unable to care for it or the owner is terminally ill; when a dog has shown true unprovoked aggression. These are “valid” reasons (although owners need to be aware that true un-provoked aggression may indicate a dog is un-adoptable). If your pet was adopted from the Hillside SPCA and you find you must surrender the animal, it MUST be returned to the Hillside SPCA – no exceptions.

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