Surrendering a Pet to Us

If your pet was adopted from the Hillside SPCA and you find you must surrender the animal, it MUST be returned to the Hillside SPCA – no exceptions.


IMPORTANT: the Hillside SPCA serves Schuylkill County in Pennsylvania and accepts animals from within Schuylkill County ONLY. Out-of-county/area animals are not accepted for intake/surrender unless the animal was originally adopted from the Hillside SPCA (it is our requirement that any animal adopted from us be returned to us if the situation requires surrender).

There are circumstances when an animal must leave its life-long home: when an owner becomes physically unable to care for it or the owner is terminally ill; when a dog has shown true unprovoked aggression. These are “valid” reasons (although owners need to be aware that true un-provoked aggression may indicate a dog is un-adoptable).

“Poor” reasons are: the dog won’t listen; we can’t house-train the dog; the cat “marks”; the dog chews; we’re moving; no one takes care of the dog/cat but me; we don’t have time for the dog/cat; the dog growled/snapped at my child/me. If this sounds like your situation there is usually a solution that will allow you and your pet to stay together and out of an already over-crowded shelter. We encourage you to call or visit us and ask for advice or read our information on crate training for dogs and dealing with problem pets before choosing to take your pet to Hillside. We can offer help that may allow you to keep your pet or can refer you to qualified trainers who can assist you.

We do not put a time limit on how long an animal may stay here while awaiting adoption. This leads some people to form the mistaken belief that we will somehow adopt out every animal surrendered to us. We wish it could be like that, but the reality is that we cannot guarantee that your pet will be adopted into another home.

We ask you contact us to arrange for the intake of your pet prior to bring it to the shelter during regular business hours. Any paperwork/medical records/history you can provide us with on your pet is important and appreciated as well as any food your pet is accustomed to,

The shelter incurs many costs in caring for surrendered animals, including food, quality medical care, maintenance costs for the buildings, heating, and more. To help off-set these costs, a monetary donation or a donation of supplies is deeply appreciated.

If you cannot keep your pet, please DO NOT just place a “Free Ad” for the animal or abandon it to fend for itself.

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