• Are you at least 14 years of age or older? (Or if younger, can you be accompanied by an adult guardian?)
  • Do you love cats, kittens, puppies and dogs?
  • Do you feel a tug at your heart when you think of all the poor animals that are unwanted, abused or abandoned?
  • Do you have some spare time during the afternoon or evening hours weekdays or weekends?
  • Do you love animals, but aren’t comfortable working directly at the shelter, or have allergies and wish you could help?
  • Do you have reliable transportation to get to the shelter or fundraising events?

If you answered YES! to two or more of the above, you are an EXCELLENT candidate for becoming a volunteer for the Hillside SPCA animal shelter! NOTE: For security purposes, all volunteers over the age of 16 must show and allow us to hold a valid driver’s license while working with our animals in residence. License will be returned at the end of the volunteer period. Stop by the shelter to apply in person as a volunteer, let us know your interests and skills, and we will find just the right matchup for you!


  • Dog and Puppy Needs – Walking, brushing, bathing, petting, holding, loving, a good eye for mites, fleas, etc.
  • Cat and Kitten Needs – Brushing, bathing, petting, holding, loving, a good eye for mites, fleas, etc.


  • We need help in preparing for, setting up and “manning” the tables at mall fund-raisers, craft shows, Community Days and more!
  • We need help in collecting donated items from bins in supermarkets.
  • We could really use someone to get involved in a variety of shelter maintenance projects. Some are big, but most are small.
  • Plan, manage, and host an event that will benefit the Hillside SPCA.

Remember, if you passed our volunteer quiz (including age requirements), we have a place for you!

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