You can give a gift to the Hillside SPCA easily and securely online. You may also mail your gifts to us at Hillside SPCA, PO Box 233, Pottsville, PA 17901. The Hillside SPCA is almost entirely funded by private donations. We are not affiliated with, nor do we receive any financial assistance from, any other national, state or local SPCA or Humane Society. It is only through you, our supporters, that we are able to keep our doors open to the thousands of animals that come through our doors seeking nourishment, protection, veterinary care, and love.


Choose this option if you wish to donate for a special animal needing help that you have seen featured on our website, Facebook page or through our email newsletter or to give to The Fund in general. This fund, in memory of Joseph Parnell and Caroline Parnell, the late son and daughter of Hillside SPCA Manager Barbara Parnell, is very special. Originally intended to pay for spaying and neutering to save lives, The Fund has taken on a vital importance in helping pay for ALL veterinary care for animals in need at Hillside. With your help, the Hillside can grow and maintain this fund so we are able to help all kinds of animals in need – an animal that Joe would help in any way he could.

Give to our GENERAL FUND:

Choose this option to give a general donation to the Hillside. Click the “Make a Donation” button, then enter the amount you wish to donate. Please be sure the amount you enter reflects your intent. We’ve experienced donations intended to be $25.00 dollars being entered as $0.25 (25 cents). We encourage you to give as generously as your budget will allow. To help avoid fraud and compensate for fees associated with the transaction, we suggest a $15 minimum donation.

Choose this option to give monthly at the level of your choice; perfect for supporters who want to help on a continuing basis or wish to budget their donations. Use the drop down menu to choose the amount automatically charged to your credit card each month so you can be assured your generosity continues to help the Hillside throughout the year. Be sure to choose a amount carefully. The amount you choose will be charged to your credit card UNTIL YOU CANCEL your subscription through Paypal. See PayPal for more details. (Of course, we hope that you don’t cancel because the residents of the Hillside SPCA need your continuing support.)

Choose a Plan

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