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Hours for Adoption:
Mon. - Sat. 11:00 am to 3:00 pm for dogs, 3:30 pm for cats ~ Sunday 11:30 am to 2:00 pm for dogs, 3:00 pm for cats

Hillside SPCA, PO Box 233, Pottsville, PA  17901

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Due to severely over-crowded conditions
NO OUT of COUNTY ANIMALS are being accepted for intake
at the Hillside SPCA at this time.

All OUT-OF-COUNTY ADOPTIONS require submittal of an application WITH vet references, our APPROVAL of the application, and mandatory spaying or neutering of the animal PRIOR to adoption.  See our FAQ page for more info.


Many animals are brought to shelters because of "behavior problems" their owners mistakenly believe to be permanent.  Nationwide, nearly 70% of these animals end up being "put to sleep" making death from behavior problems the leading cause of pet mortality. Many times, it is our OWN inappropriate reaction to natural instincts in animals that is the REAL problem.

ZERO - Number of animals "put to sleep" at the Hillside SPCA "because they were here too long"

Puppy Mills - why you should NEVER buy a dog from a pet shop.

United Animal Nations - "Lifeline" program may provide help for those unable to afford vet care for their pet



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If you ever wondered how Joe's Fund helps, HERE are the faces, pleading eyes, and wagging tails that hold the answere.  Joe's Fund, the fund that pays for ALL medical care for ALL the animals at Hillside NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW. Please DONATE TODAY. Every dollar helps.

We are a truly unique animal shelter.

We are a very busy shelter with many animals in residence; our population can, and does, vary with the seasons, often increasing during spring and summer due to an explosion in unwanted animals caused by the failure of owners to spay and neuter and owners surrendering their pets because they are going on vacation or "busy". In addition to cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens, we often also provide shelter for rabbits, guinea pigs and more.

Many shelters put a strict time limit on how long they will allow an animal to be in the shelter before euthanizing them.  The Hillside SPCA does not. We have some residents here at the shelter who have been with us for years, even their entire lives. No animal at the Hillside SPCA is ever put to death for being here "too long".

The animals here are NEVER sentenced to life in a kennel as in some shelters.  Dogs can run and play in a large fenced-in area and cats have large "condos" and enclosed extended rooms so that they can socialize and safely enjoy "the outdoors".

Our outstanding adoption rate allows us to take in unwanted animals without putting a time limit on them, but the current unrelenting stream of unwanted, abused, and homeless animals arriving to take the place of those adopted stretches our resources.  

The Hillside SPCA is able to keep our doors open for the animals who need us only through donations from our supporters. The shelter does not receive government funds, nor is it affiliated with any national organization.  Monetary, pet food, and supply donations are always welcome and deeply appreciated!

If you would like to volunteer, we encourage you to donate your time to help make the day brighter for a homeless animal.

snuggles project
We participate in the Snuggles Project

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Those wishing to make a donation in memory of Joseph Parnell should send contributions to: Joseph Parnell Emergency and Spay/Neuter Fund Hillside SPCA, PO Box 233, Pottsville, PA 17901
or CLICK HERE to donate on-line.

For Pet Lovers

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Soft Paws as a humane and effective alternative to de-clawing cats.

Dog Dictionary - humorous insight into doggie "terms".

Stolen Pets - Nearly two million companion animals are stolen each year. Some under false pretense through "free ads", abducted from their yards, or are taken from humane shelters through a practice called pound seizure. These animals are then sold to research laboratories, dog-fighting rings, or puppy mills, where they are abused and often killed. Your tax dollars are also involved... This is NOT an "urban legend" as some would like you to believe.

FREE Ads are NO Bargain - what really happens to pets placed in "free ads" and ways to avoid their suffering.


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